Dear Mike Richards (please read before your game)

Posted on October 15, 2011 by

Dear Mike (or Rick or Rich, or whatever you are nicknamed),

This is Tracy. I was going to do a game preview article today, but I felt it more important we have a little talk.

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Ok, I have been reading everywhere that this game will be hard for you coming back into Philly. I want to tell you why you need to forget them and just look forward.

First off, you have to accept the fact that they screwed you. They do not care about you. But we do. We care Mike. You know who does not care about you?

This guy:

Look at him MIke, Look at him! He bent you over! Don’t take it. You do not want to have anything to do with the Flyers. When you feel sad or blue, just close your eyes and picture:

Yup, Picture that guy all over Philly. Just makes you cringe doesn’t it?

Mike, we in LA are the best fans in the world. We are passionate. We don’t go to games because we are snowed in and there is nothing else to do, no, we go to games because we WANT to. Where else would you have on any given night 30,000 plus fans at a hockey games in So Cal?

Where else do you get to hopefully punch Corey Perry all the time? Thats right! The Kings!

So don’t you feel bad tonight in Philly. You are a Los Angeles King now! You are on the best hockey team in the league and have the best fans behind you.

Let Philly go. And when you see you know who tonight, treat him like a King would.  Crush him! Crush Philly!

Go! Kings! Go!

P.S. In case you need more motivation:

(my devil horns suck, but you get the picture)