LA Kings fans

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That was a fun time Saturday night. Of course its always fun when we win. The Wild fans were non-existant (just how I like it!) and the Twilight and Kings fans were in rare form. I ran into a few characters and just wanted to share:


Loved the passion of our fans! It’s not everyday you see someone drapped in a Kings flag or have weird Clifford eyes too! These guys were cool enough to pose for me. You guys rock!









I had never actually seen anyone with the JMFJ on the back of a jersey before.  This young woman had it on and I think its awsome. I want one with a nickname on it now – how about a Kopi jersey!






Don’t forget our Twilight fans sleeping in the streets! After much thought, I have concluded there is nothing that will make this ok.




The Kings fans were yelling the “You Suck” chant to the twilighters and that was really funny. Especially when the Twilighters started yelling F-you

back and getting all upset. lol. I know, thats not nice. But you would have laughed too. And yes, you are right! I’m going with the ladies on Sunday!

Can’t wait!




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